Question and Answer

What is the best way to get an accurate quote?—To make sure that we can provide the most accurate quote to you we would need as much detail as possible.  Sending pictures via text or email is the best way to have a quote provided.  Or, a good description of the job details and what items are included is also acceptable.  

How long does a job typically take?—This is a tough question to answer because of how jobs can vary.  An average hauling job for a full load in our box truck usually varies between 2-4 hours again, depending on the job details.  A fully packed truckload or multiple loads in the truck will take longer.  Please contact us for more information. 

How many people will be needed for the job?—Our company will make that determination depending on the details provided by the customer for the job.  We will review those details with you when providing a quote. 

How much will this cost me?—We charge under the going rate for most hauling and moving services.  The pricing is determined by the details of the job, what is involved to complete the job, distance needed to travel, how many helpers will be needed for the job, will it take multiple trips in the truck, etc…  All of these factors are included to give you the best pricing. 

How soon can I have my items removed?—Sometimes we can provide same day removal service depending on the current schedule.  Contacting us earlier in the day will increase the chances that we can provide same day service.  Otherwise, we can remove the items within 24 hours.  

What type of equipment do you have? –We have a box truck with all the necessary equipment.  Equipment includes stand up and floor dollies, blankets, straps, trash cans, tarps, brooms, shovels, rakes and other various equipment.  

What charities does the company donate to?—We are proud to donate to the following charities. 

• St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital
• Shriner’s Hospital for Children
• Pre Born
• Operation Blessing

We pick one charity a month and make a donation from the company.  If it weren’t for you and the business you provide to us, we could not make this happen.  Thank you.  

Darren Rizzo – Owner