Preparation Services

We can provide a service that can help you when you are moving or need to reorganize your storage.  
The preparation service works the following way:
  • We will get your lighter items moved and organized.
  • Your clothes will be organized and packed for moving or transporting. 
  • Papers and other items such as books and magazines will be organized and prepared.  
  • Loose and very small items will be boxed up with writing on the box to describe contents.  
  • Antiques collectables and other valuable items will be wrapped carefully for transportation.   
  • Misc and other varied items will be packed up and ready for moving. 
Here’s how it works: 
We will come in and help you get your items organized and boxed up for moving or storage clean out.  We are very detail oriented and have years of experience with packaging and prepping for moving. 
Why go through all the hassle yourself when you can have someone help you or we can do it all by ourselves!
Our rates are very reasonable and we do our best to be efficient while making it a good experience for you. 
Once we have everything organized, you will be breathe a little easier knowing that this is now taken care of.  Our company can then come in and do one or two things.  Transport any items that you want to keep or, pick up any unwanted items or trash and haul everything away for you.  

Please reach out today! 

Darren Rizzo – Owner